Horn House

The property also includes a 100+ year-old house, known affectionately as the Horn House, after Mr. Lonnie Horn who once owned the property. When Alethea was deeded the property by her parents, the house had been unoccupied since the1950s. Unheated and without electricity, the original structure was little more than a couple of rooms with a fireplace. The roof on the front porch had collapsed. Windows had been broken out by vandals over the years. Yet the interior had remained dry and leak-free thanks to a tin roof.

Restoration of the house included the creation of a bathroom and small kitchen within the original structure. The porch and fireplace were rebuilt and the house was wired for electricity. Today, the reclaimed Horn House is certainly not a showpiece... and it was never intended to be one. But livable it is, in a rustic sort of way. Today, the Horn House serves as a private bridal “cabin” for Hauser Creek Farm brides and their attendants.

We can only imagine what living in the Horn House would have been like 100 years ago. Our sense is that it embodied a life of hard work. Of close family bonds and simple joys. For us, it means a sense of place and respect for the land.